Vietnam Veterans Against the War Anti-Imperialist is part of a network of anti-imperialist veterans who are proud of our resistance to U.S. aggression around the world. In the 1970s, to be a Vietnam veteran was to be against the war. That proud legacy must be carried forward into this new millennium. As veterans, we’ve been to the edge and have seen the viciousness of Amerikkka unmasked. We have no doubt that the bastards who sent us to war would use their nuclear arsenal, along with unspeakably cruel conventional weapons, to maintain their empire.

The world we live in today is like a grenade with the pin pulled. Nobody knows where it will pop off next. An invasion of Iran or orth Korea? Additional slaughter in the deserts of the Middle East?  The War on Terrorism or Defense is always the excuse, and the battle cry is “Keep America #1!”

We have learned there is no glory in murder, no excuse in obedience, and no future in patriotism. If we have to fight or die, let it be for the people of the world, not the warlords. Let us find our glory in stopping the murder and destruction!

VVAWAI has the following points of unity:

  1. VVAWAI is an anti-imperialist organization which is open to veterans of all eras, reservists, active duty GIs and non-vet activists.
  2. VVAWAI has vowed to bring the lessons paid for in blood into direct opposition to any wars or war preparations by the U.S. and all imperialist powers.
  3. VVAWAI upholds all resistance to imperialist war by GIs, reservists, veterans and the anti-war/peace movement internationally.
  4. Just as we upheld the righteous struggle of the people of South East Asia fighting for their liberation, we uphold the just struggles of people around the world as they fight for their liberation today.
  5. As veterans, we know that racism and the subjugation of women are twin pillars of crimes against humanity. We vow to oppose these and all other forms of oppression.