I SSUE #49
ALL 2004
SW49 Cover

Table of Contents
-   No Honor in Imperialist War -  Veterans Call to Conscience -- We Need to Do More   
-   Iraq Veterans Against the War -- In The House!    -   Poem -    Sorrow   
-   U.S. War Objectors Are Seeking Sanctuary In Canada - What Will Be Their Fate? -   More Real Heroes
-   World Respected Medical Journal-The Lancet-Condemns U.S. Prison Abuses in Guantanamo Bay and Abu Ghraib -   A 5-fist Salute to War Resisters Monument
-   18 Refuse Orders in Iraq -  Voters Dissed and Disenfranchised
-   Poem -     Algebra Lesson (as we prepare to invade Iraq) -   UnCONVENTIONal Protest
-   Film Made to Inform, Move, Amuse and Agitate -   Going Upriver
-   Hearts and Minds   by Terry Molina