I SSUE #48
PRING 2004
SW48 Cover

Table of Contents
-   U.S. War Crimes, Radical Vets and the RNC -   Troops -- GI Resistance Then and Now
-  POEM--What If You Knew    -  Some of the New Generation of Real Heroes   
-  More Real Heroes -- Righteous IDF Refusniks in Prison -   Open Letter From An Israeli Refusnik To An American Refusnik
-   On The U.S. Flag -- IT'S A WASH -   Burning the Flag - July 4, 1989
-   Draft Creep    by David Wiggins -  To Vote Or Not To Vote... Is That The Answer?
-   Peoples War in Nepal -   Rape and Violence Against Women in the Military
-   To Them -- War Is A Game -   Army Recruits Video Gamers
-   Getting It Write --   Imperialism Across the Pond -   IRAQI HAIKU
-   Can The UN Serve The People? -   Check Please   
-   Our Troops and Theirs -   Liars Lie and Soldiers Die
-   News Brief:   U.S. Tried to Plant WMDs, Failed: Whistleblower -   News Brief:   14 Enduring Bases Set in Iraq
-   News Brief:   U.S. Ordered Iraq to Stop Counting Civilian Dead -   News Brief:   Changing Face of Iraq, Iraq's Real WMD Crime
-   News Brief:   Background on Haiti -   Book Review:  Oil, Power and Empire, Iraq and the U.S. Global Agenda
-   Book Review:  Culture and Resistance, Conversations with Edward W. Said -   Book Review:  Ideas for Action: Relevant Theory for Radical Change
-   Book Review:  Baghdad Diaries: A Woman's Chronicle of War and Exile -   Book Review:  Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them: A Fair and Balanced Look at the Right
-   Book Review:  In Search of Fatima: A Palestinian Story -   Movie Review:  Military Myths
-   Movie Review:   Gaza Strip -   Decoding Zionism: A Glossary
-   Letters to the Veterans Call to Conscience -  INCOMING