I SSUE #47
UMMER 2003
SW47 Cover

Table of Contents
-  Occupiers Can Never Be Liberators -  POEM--I Am Going to Forget
-   Humpty Dumpty Will Fall    by Howard Zinn -   Depleted Uranium, the Controversy Rages
  by Dana Briggs
-   Gulf War Syndrome II -   MANDATORY PATRIOTISM
-  A Few of the New Generation of Real Heroes -   More Real Heroes of Gulf War II
-   HUMAN DUST   by James Ryan
The Road Map: A One-way Ticket to Palookaville
-   Some Thoughts on the Anti-War Movement
-  News Brief:   Gulf War II Iraqi Casualties -   News Brief:  Iraqis Resist Occupation
-  News Brief:   Congress Moves to Back Tactical Nukes -  News Brief:   U.S. Plans Death Camp
-   News Brief:   U.S. Troops in the Philippines -  News Brief:   Revealed: U.S. Plan to Own Space
-   One Nation... Above the Law -   The New Domestic Order: What Has Changed, Why It Changed, and How It Matters    by C. Clark Kissinger
-   Project for the New American Century -- Rebuilding America's Defenses -   Message from the Hopi Elders--
We Are the Ones We've Been Waiting For...
-   Anti-Imperialist Veterans ask:
Can We Oppose the War While We "Support the Troops"?
-   New Group Calls to Bring Them Home Now!
-   Remembering All of the Victims
An Internationalist Memorial Day
-  Book Review:  BOOMERANG!: How our covert wars have created enemies across the Middle East and brought terror to America
-   Book Review:   the walls are alive! -  Book Review:  "JARHEAD" -- A Marine's Chronicle of the Gulf War and Other Battles
-   Movie Review:   SWING Kids -  Movie Review:  SAVING PRIVATE LYNCH
or How every U.S. war needs a Hollywood Hero
-   Movie Review:   The Pianist -  Movie Review:  The Weather Underground
-   Movie Review:   The Afghan Massacre: The Convoy of Death -  Getting It Write   One WAC's Story
-   Veterans Call to Conscience Update -   Helicopters and Medical Marijuana