I SSUE #46
SW46 Cover

Table of Contents
-  The Road to Peace-- Patriotism or Internationalism   by Ian Antius -  Poem -   Begin We the Constitution   
-  Why I Hate America    by Ian Antius -  Who is Putting the Troops in Harms Way   
-   Iraq - UN Inspections as Pretext for War -  Veterans Voices Against Gulf War 2   
-  Rogue State? Which State?    -  U.S. Corporations Involved in Arming Iraq   
-  The Blue Pill     -   Some Creative Acts of Resistance    
-   Depleted Uranium -- The Hidden Killer -  Starring Jimmy Carter, In War and Peace
-   A Few of the Next Generation of Real Heroes    -   Human Shields in Iraq
-   Call to Conscience Poster (PDF format)    -  Comments on The Veterans Call to Conscience
-   NO CHILD UNRECRUITED: Should the Military Be Given the Names of Every High-School Student in America?    -   TROOPS TO TEACHERS OR Why Anti-War Vets Need To Get Into More Schools   
-   North Korea VS. Iraq -  U.S Nuclear Facts
-  ChickenHawk -   Doubts Set in on Afghan Mission
-   Movie Review:   Bowling for Columbine -   Video Review:   Hidden Wars of Desert Storm
-   Movie Review:   The Quiet American -   Video Review:   Some War Video Picks
-   Book Review:   Dangers and Opportunities -   Book Review:   Chaos or Community?
-   Order More Cool Stuff at Our Online Store -   Long Live Phil Berrigan and Evelyn Schoenfeld!
-   COINTELPRO REVISITED---Spying & Disruption -   Poem -    Palestine
-   Poem -    Title: E Pluribus Unum -  Letters & Emails