I SSUE #45
UMMER 2002
SW45 Cover

Table of Contents
-  Land of the Free,
    Home of the Brave
-   The Real Heroes are the Refusniks
   - Haggai Matar
-  Statement from U.S. Veterans
    to Israeli Troops   
-  More Real Heroes   
- Not In Our Name!!!
     Call to Veterans -- Take the Pledge
-  An Interview with: Howard Zinn On Imperialism   
-  Want Out? CALL 1-800-394-9544
      GI Rights Hotline  
-  Imperialism, Zionism and
      Religious Ideology in the U.S.  
-From Veterans For Peace --
     Report From Palestine    
-Poem:   Snookie Johnson Goes Down To
              The Recruiter's Office Near Benning Road
              & Starts Some Shit   
-  Getting It Write - Satan's Ball -  Civilian Targets
-  IDF Terrorizes Jenin    -  U.S. War Crimes in Afghanistan
- Poem -       To America
                    by Prasenjit Maiti (Calcutta, India)
      Voices Raise Money for Medicine - Not Fines
-   Poem -   They sold their souls for Penny Rolls
                   and lumps of hairy bacon   
-   Champions Challenging Sanctions Against Iraq   
-   End the War on Iraq -- Conference Report -   Book Review:   Terrorism and War
-   Book Review:   Tomorrow's Soldier -   Book Review:   Addicted to War:
         Why the U.S. Can't Kick Militarism
-   Movie Review:   Behind the Lines -   Movie Review:   Sum of All Fears
-   Book Review:   From Warriors to Resisters:
            U.S. Veterans on Terrorism
- Poem -    I Like You
                by Alan Barysh
-  Letters & Emails