I SSUE #44
PRING 2002
SW44 Cover

Table of Contents
-  Two Visions -- One Future -   "You are either with US, or you are with the terrorists"--G.W.Bush
   by J
-   The Village Where Nothing Happened    by David Rovics -   MAD DOG -- Strategy of U.S. Empire   by Mumia Abu-Jamal
-  Tiger Cages    by Bob Swartzel -  War On The Planet    by GWAN
-   Not with a bang but with a whimper...
An Overview of Eleven Years of Sanctions on Iraq
   by Farbuthnot
-   Palestine in the Context of the U.S. War    by Anton Black
-  Israeli GI Resister -- REAL HERO     Asaf Oron -   Rebellion Grows Among Israeli Reserve Officers
    by Phil Reeves in Jerusalem -- The Independent
-   A Coup Against the American Constitution
   an interview of Professor Francis A. Boyle
-   What do I say to the Cops? NOTHING! -- Don't Talk
-   Are You A Patriot?    by John Kaminski -  WAR Culture -- Culture WARS
-   Video Review:    The Wannsee Conference    by Rednurse -   Movie Review:    Black Hawk Down -- Slick Propaganda for the U.S. War Machine
-   Video Review:    Tigerland    by Anton Black -   Movie Review:   We Were Soldiers    by Scott R Cade & Robert S. Malema
-   Book Review:   9-11   Noam Chomsky -   Book Review:   Global Uprising
-   Coming To A Mall Near You: JU$T WAR -   A Just Response   The Nation: On Terrorism, Democracy, amd September 11, 2001
-  Letters & Emails