I SSUE #43
INTER 2001
SW43 Cover

Table of Contents
-  "America's New War" is Bullshit! -  A Message to Troops, Would-be Troops, and other Youth
-   Beware The Recruiters! -  Questions for Recruiters
The Country, the Taliban and Why History Didn't Begin on September 11th
-  Movie Review:    The Last Castle
-  Book Review:    Diverting the Buddha -  Mandatory Allegience   By Andres
-  The Battle Around Pacifica Radio     by Reddog -  On Home Security     by Douglas Valentine
-  Secret Military Trials -  Book Review:    Home to War: A History of the Vietnam Veterans' Movement
-  Movie Review:  Pearl Harbor -  SOA Update:  10,000 Demand Closure of the SOA --
Terrorist Training Camp in USA
-  Hard Metal Disease and Depleted Uranium -   UN Slams Use of Cluster Bombs as 8 Die
-  A Discussion with Two Vets What Way Forward: Violence or Non-Violence? -  Book Review:  Howard Zinn On War
-  2001 -- Veterans For Peace Annual National Conference -  Phase 2 Iraq: U.S. Lies and Pretexts
-  Poem:  My City -  How the U.S. Military Fights
-  Letters & Emails