I SSUE #42
PRING 2001
SW42 Cover

Table of Contents
-  Stand With the People--Colombia, Iraq... -   Poem:   New Glass Currency Standard
-  Reflections on Drug War -  Hypocrisy in the War on Drugs -- Who's the Dope?
-  Forms of Resistance The Anti-War Movement and the Question of Nonviolence -   Poem:   Puff the Magic Dragon
-  Help the People's Investigation of U.S. War Crimes Against Korea -  Your Heroes, Our Criminals
-  Close the SOA -- School Of Assassins! -  Brother Roy Bourgeois -- On Colombia
-  Vets Speak Out on 10 year Anniversary of Gulf Slaughter -  New Network to Oppose U.S. War on Iraq
-  Iraq Book Campaign -  Ke One Kani O Mäkua The Resounding Sands of Mäkua
-  Mäkua Valley & the U.S. Army -  Hanoi Jane -- Ms. Outlaw
-   Movie Review:   Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon -   Movie Review:   Enemy at the Gates
-   Book Review:    Rogue State -- A Guide to the World's Only Superpower -   Movie Review:    Thirteen Days
-   Book Review:   TDY -   Movie Review:   Traffic
-  Real Heroes -- GI Resisters in Israel -  Oppose Facial Profiling and Border Lockdowns
-  Letters & Emails