I SSUE #41
INTER 2000
SW41 Cover

Table of Contents
-  Why We Say End All Sanctions! -  The Ten Year Oil-War Against Iraq
-   News Brief:   Intifada in Iraq -  Vets For Peace -- Iraq Water Project
-   News Brief:   Iraq Water Was Target -  Roy Bourgeois -- Radical Veteran and Priest
-   Book Review:   The Phoenix Program -  Colombia: New Escalation of Yankee Imperialism
-   Movie Review:   Mutiny -  On the USS Cole... Who are the real terrorists?
-   Movie Review:   Steal This Movie -  DNC Report
-  Viequense Veteran Denounces Use of Depleted Uranium on Vieques! -   News Brief:   Trace of Chemical in Anthrax Vaccines for Troops
-  What Vieques Means to Me -  Art & Music of Resistance
-  Roy's Tape -  Fragging: Myth or Reality?
-   Book Review:   Wise Fool Basics -  Bedroom of "The High School Mass Murderer"
-  Letters & Emails