I SSUE #40
UMMER 2000
SW40 Cover

Table of Contents
-  The Past...the Present...lessons for the Future! -   Colombia    ¡Aquí viene la tormenta!   Here comes the storm!
-  Poem:    Notes for the Veteran's War Protest -  A Year of Anniversaries--A Year of Struggle
-  Street Guide for Protestors -  Puerto Rico Vets Return Their Medals in Protest Of Bombings in Vieques
-  Vieques -- It's About Force! -  Poem:   The Bullet
-  Plowshares vs. Depleted Uranium -- Their Statement -  Plowshares vs. Depleted Uranium
-  Congress clones SOA! -  Veterans' Signature Campaign
-  Albright Get a 1-2 Punch by University Students -  The Doll Project
-  Imperialism
   or what do the IMF & WB have to do with the U.S. military intervention?
-  Imperialism
   It's not just a policy... it's a system!