I SSUE #39
INTER '99-2000

Table of Contents
-  "R"-Evolution -   Poem:    Warriors
-  What the WTO Really Means to the People of the World -   Poem:   Constitutional Burning of Flag Burners
-   Poem:    Brainwashed by John Denson -   Compelling Poster Protesting the Brutal Sanctions on Iraq
-   A Call from Veterans:    End the U.S./UN Sanctions on Iraq -   Iraq Sanctions Conference:    Sharing in a People's Outrage
-   No Gun Ri, One of Korea's My Lais -   'Narco-guerrillas': Alibi for Intervention    – by Stan Goff
-   Poem:    Compassion Fatigue    by Sue Jeffers -   Jonah House Resident Sent to Jail for "Going Home"
-   The Power of the People Will Close the School of Americas -   U.S. Navy Out of Vieques!
-   Kosovo Peace Bus, Cuba Caravan Bus -   1999 -- VFP Conference
-   Movie Review:    Three Kings -   Book Review:    When Corporations Rule the World   by David Korten
-   Book Review:    The Spitting Image: Myth, Memory and the Legacy of Vietnam    by Jerry Lembcke -   Article Review:    What Went Wrong with the Pol Pot Regime    A World To Win Magazine 1999/25
-   NEWS BRIEFS:    Atomic Vets Win Some Compensation -   NEWS BRIEFS:    East Timor Massacre
-   NEWS BRIEFS:    Stop the Legal Lynching of Mumia Abu-Jamal! -   NEWS BRIEF:    The Gulf War "Mystery"
-   NEWS BRIEFS:    People of the World Greet U.S. Dignitaries -   NEWS BRIEFS:    Philippines -- Anti-U.S. Military Protests Heat Up
-   Poem for BB and BC    by Alan Barysh -   Lessons from the U.S. War on the Balkans
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