This issue of StormWarning! was published on the 20th anniversary of the U.S. defeat in Vietnam. It contains articles that "Celebrate the Power of the People to Defeat U.S. Imperialism," share the lessons of a People's war, expose the attrocities of Imperialism, honor the resistance of GIs, and sum-up the lessons of the anti-war movement. Many of the articles are from past issues of StormWarning!. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did putting it together.

Table of Contents
the Power of the People
to Defeat U.S. Imperialism
- Weapons of Imperialism
- A Vietnam History
The beginning of the end

- The Tunnels of Cu Chi
- Peru: Vietnam Revisited for the Empire?
by Jeff Paterson
- Tet Offensive 1968
- My Lai
- Poem -- have you ever seen
by Silver
- Diary Of The Dead
- Poem -- TROOPS
- Male Bonding and the Army's C*** Cap
- GI Movement Scrapbook Section
- Fire is how the steel is tempered
by Randy Rowland
- Poem--Carribbean Bruise Cruies
by Andres
- The My Lai Massacre--25 Years After--
- The People CAN Defeat U.S. Imperialism
- From The Combat Zone:
McNamara--It was not for nothing...
It was for a lie!

- Turn the Hoses Around
- Working in the Underground
- What does an Outpost do?
- References and Bibliography